Stillmotion: 1992-1995
180g Ltd. Galaxy Swirl Vinyl

Stillmotion: 1992-1995 <BR>180g Ltd. Galaxy Swirl Vinyl

Based in a small town surrounded by cornfields outside Rochester NY, Stillmotion released several cassettes and a marble-vinyl 7" recorded with Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low) at Noise New Jersey and Daevid Vincent at The Matrix (Doom, Half-Life OSTs). The band's material broadened the established shoegaze palette with a hybrid of Mediterranean and traditional Middle Eastern influences, drone loops and a dedicated video projection artist. They called it "heavy mellow."

Tour dates with Swell and His Name is Alive led to opening slots for Catherine Wheel and Medicine. Despite a growing network of like-minded bands, and interest from American Recordings, Stillmotion never completed their 1995 full-length LP. Thirty years on, with the master tapes presumed lost, a series of well-timed emails from fans convinced the band to track them down.

Mutual Skies is proud to present a limited 250-copy 180g galaxy swirl vinyl anthology of their original studio recordings from 1992-1995, remastered by Kramer at Noise Miami in 2023.